Are Successful People More Neurotic?

This was the title of a recent article in the 7 June 2022 edition of Forbes Magazine by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic. The article is excellent.  Tomas begins by summarising how we are living under significant social pressures to inhibit their anxieties.  Organizations emphatically promote a happiness cult, replacing negative feedback with strengths-based coaching and Chief Happiness Officers. Managers are now hiring for emotional intelligence, grit, and resilience.  Tons of self-help column.....

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Motivation in 2022

In my last blog I discussed McClelland’s Theory of Motivation first postulated in 1961.  I am now going to fast forward sixty years till now to consider modern motivation theory.  My information is sourced from a recently published book, The Art of Impossible – A Peak Performance Primer by Steven Kotler. To achieve peak performance Kotler advocates a four-step process: Motivation, Learning, Creativity and Flow which he uses to structure the book. Kotler begins his analysis of Mot.....

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McClellan’s theory of motivation

  My next couple of blogs will be on motivation.  I wrote a blog in 2018 about motivation and emotional intelligence: Do You Make This One Big Mistake About Emotional Intelligence? that followed on a blog by Daniel Goleman. This time it was a blog by Rachel Pacheco from the Wharton Business School Motivator in Chief: Getting the Most from Your Team.  The blog suggests you play chess not checkers to motivate your team and use McClelland’s Theory of Motivation postulated in 1961.....

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The profile of an entrepreneur

This post Here are the personality traits of the self-made millionaire recently appeared in my mailbox.  The blog describes a German study that compared two groups of people: rich defined as having a net worth > 1 million euro and non-rich with a net worth < 800,000 euro.  They also categorised participants as “self-made” if their wealth came primarily from self-employment or entrepreneurship; “inheritor” if their wealth came from gifts or inheritances; or “mixed” if they.....

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Chris Golis - Author


"Put in a sales perspective, I loved your presentation! I got a lot from what you talked about and I will read your book."

Peter Morris, Executive Officer, Lomax Financial Group

Your presentation on 'Lifting your Level of Emotional Intelligence" to 10 CEOs scored an average 8.9 out of 10 for the topic and 8.5 for the presentation which is great. A couple of the attendees gave you a 10 out of 10, and the comments were:

- Great presentation. Very informative.

- Excellent presentation.

- made me think.

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