Marshmallows The Secret of Improving your EQ

In his seminal book, Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goldman maintains that the master aptitude of the emotionally intelligent person as the ability to delay self-gratification. As proof Goldman cited the marshmallow experiment carried out by Walter Mischel in the late 1960s at the Bing Nursery School on the campus of Stanford University. To those unfamiliar with the study, Mischel got 653 four-year olds (including his three daughters) to participate in a simple task. They were taken into a room .....

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Is EQ a Placebo?

Hi Chris I know you do not appear to be too partial to the Mayer-Salovey work on emotions. I would suggest that if you haven't already undertaken the individual MSCEIT and had the feedback session from a professional who is trained in it, that you may be more than surprised at the accuracy and efficacy of the work and the testing done in emotional intelligence by Mayer and Salovey. Importantly one of the things that Mayer and Salovey always reinforce is that EI is only a part of understanding .....

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Emotional Intelligence Step 4 Social Skills – the Secret

Building successful relationships with people, particularly those at work, is far and away the most critical factor in a successful business career. Surveys of successful general managers continuously rank people skills above such factors as intelligence, vision, and ethics. As I have said before I am a big fan of the 7MTF/Humm-Wadsworth model of Temperament which defines our personality in terms of seven key components. While each of us has all seven emotional drives it is the strength of each.....

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Emotional Intelligence and Colours

Terrific clues to the core emotional drives of people are their favourite colours.  As readers of this blog know I am a big fan of the 7MTF/Humm for understanding our core emotions. Chandler Macleod, one of Australia’s leading organisational psychologists, bought the rights to the Humm in the early 1960s and have since tested over 1 million people. In addition, the company has conducted follow-up interviews with over 100,000 of those tested. Over time they noticed that each of the seven compo.....

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Chris Golis - Author


"Put in a sales perspective, I loved your presentation! I got a lot from what you talked about and I will read your book."

Peter Morris, Executive Officer, Lomax Financial Group

Your presentation on 'Lifting your Level of Emotional Intelligence" to 10 CEOs scored an average 8.9 out of 10 for the topic and 8.5 for the presentation which is great. A couple of the attendees gave you a 10 out of 10, and the comments were:

- Great presentation. Very informative.

- Excellent presentation.

- made me think.

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