Chris Golis - Author

Chris Golis has written two Emotional Intelligence books that show you the practical side of EQ, and how you can use it in leadership, management and sales.


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Chris Golis - Author

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Emotional Intelligence Free White Papers

Chris Golis has written two Free White Papers for download:

Learn how to influence and motivate others and create more effective relationships – Improve your business relationships & win more sales

In order to motivate and influence others you need to understand what drives peoples’ emotional behaviour, particularly their temperament, and then hone your communications accordingly. To do this, you require a core Emotional Intelligence competency; ‘empathy’ or ‘social awareness’.

This White Paper describes a real tool for developing empathy.

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A Practical Tool to Lift Your Emotional Intelligence: The Humm-Wadsworth model of Temperament

This paper provides a history of Emotional Intelligence, and a detailed explanation of a tool to increase it: The Humm-Wadsworth model of temperament. Learn how The Humm was developed, the history of personality theories, and a comparison of other methods of personality profiling.


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