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Chris Golis has written two Emotional Intelligence books that show you the practical side of EQ, and how you can use it in leadership, management and sales.


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Chris Golis - Author

"Put in a sales perspective, I loved your presentation! I got a lot from what you talked about and I will read your book."

Peter Morris, Executive Officer, Lomax Financial Group

Your presentation on 'Lifting your Level of Emotional Intelligence" to 10 CEOs scored an average 8.9 out of 10 for the topic and 8.5 for the presentation which is great.  A couple of the attendees gave you a 10 out of 10, and the comments were:

- Great presentation. Very informative.

- Excellent presentation.

- made me think.

Christi Spring CEO Institute. - web

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Lifting Your Emotional Intelligence on LinkedIn Blogger

For several months I have been posting blogs on both LinkedIn and Blogspot (the Google Blogger) when I discovered that Google downranks you if it finds identical postings.  You live and learn; so I am now just going to post on LinkedIn blogger and keep the history here.  Occasionally there will be other external links to blogs posted in other e-zines.

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15 September 2016 The Emotional Intelligence of Donald Trump

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20 January 2017   Some views on Empathy

25 January 2017   Another look at The Downsides of Being Very Emotionally Intelligent

4 February 2017   Plea for a publisher

7 February 2017   Review of Odd Man Out

9 February 2017    The Temperament of the Ideal CEO

24 February 2017 How To Emotionally Connect For A Group Presentation

1 March 2017        Is the Theory of Emotional Intelligence a Scam? A reply

5 March 2017        The Journey from Normal to Regulator

11 March 2017      How the AIM Library changed my life

17 March 2017      Review of Richard III

19 March 2017      Review of How To Thrive As An Introvert by Erik Smith

1 May 2017  Review of Emotional Intelligence: A Practical Guide to Making Friends with Your Emotions and Raising Your EQ by Ian Tuhovsky

25 May 2017 Where is temperament?

28 May 2017 Book Review of Understanding Emotional Intelligence

7 June 2017 Quelle surprise: Psych students score substantially lower on “dark” traits than business and law students

11 June 2017 Genes, Temperament and Personality Disorders 


28 July 2017 Review of the Oporto Emotional Intelligence Conference 19-22 July 2017

30 July 2017 Which is more important in life: critical thinking or emotional intelligence? 

7 August 2017 Book Review Taming Toxic People: The science of identifying and dealing with psychopaths at work and at home by David Gillepsie

24 September 2017 Hot Buttons and Objections – Politicians 

26 September 2017 Hot Buttons and Objections – Normal/Regulators 

30 September 2017 Hot Buttons and Objections – Hustler/GoGetters







Lifting Your Emotional Intelligence on Google Blogger


I have been writing blogs on Emotional Intelligence since since January 2009.  Up till now my strategy was to piggy back on a JV partner.  First it was CBS, then Leading Company.  However with the release of Google Business Apps I have decided this is a good time to reset my blogs with the intention of subsequently collating them into an e-book. I grabbed a new e-mail address and have started a new blog  Lifting Your Emotional Intelligence on blogspot.  Here are the blogs in chronological order:

27 April 2014 Is There Such a Thing as Emotional Intelligence?

1 May 2014 Lift your Emotional Intelligence Using a Model of Temperament

4 May 2014 Emotional Intelligence: What Makes Us Tick?

12 May 2014 The Emotional Intelligence of Contrary Combinations: The Doublechecker-Politician

 15 May 2014 The Emotional Intelligence of Contrary Combinations: Hustler-Artists

7 August 2014 The Emotional Intelligence of Contrary Combinations: Mover-Engineers

7 October 2014 Emotional Intelligence and the CryptoLocker virus

15 October 2014 A Counter Argument to Is Emotional Intelligence Overrated

18 October 2014 A Core Secret of Emotional Intelligence

9 November 2014 Leaders are readers: What books should leaders read?

23 November 2014 The Dark Side of Emotional Intelligence

15 December 2014 Emotional Intelligence Myth #1 - The Amygdala Hijack

16 December 2014 Emotional Intelligence Myth#2: Micro-expressions work

20 December 2014 Emotional Intelligence Myth #3: You can measure emotional intelligence

9 January 2015 Why the Forbes article Why Your Boss Lacks Emotional Intelligence is rubbish.

18 January 2015 How do you lift your emotional intelligence?

26 January 2015 How the Humm Components were renamed & Engineers suffer from OCD

15 February 2015 The Mental Illness of the Hustler

3 March 2015 Neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence: The Seat of the Normal

5 March 2015 Should You Trust Your First Impression

21 March 2015 What is the difference between BPD and psychopathy?

2 April 2015 Decoding Leadership: What really matters - it is IQ +EQ

15 April 2015 Are EQ skills important for Managers

21 April 2015 Does Personal Intelligence Really Exist?

27 April 2015 How to Help Someone Develop Emotional Intelligence - I think not

29 April 2015 Emotional Intelligence and Gender Inequality - Redux

8 May 2015    Emotional Intelligence and the Ring of Gyges

30 May 2015 Emotional Intelligence update: Forbes slams MBTI

5 June 2015 You always see a red tie

4 June 2015 The most amazing graph of 2015 This short piece in On-Line Opinion elicited 34 comments!

25 May 2015 Bemused among the basket weavers Only 3 comments for this one.

26 June 2015 Review of Me, Myself, and Us: The Science of Personality and the Art of Well-Being by Brian R. Little

29 June 2015 Review of Emotalerting: The Art of Managing the Moment by Carlyle Naylor

23 July 2015  Why Seven is the Magic Number

26 July 2015 How Machiavellian are You?

2 August 2015 Why Core Memories and Not Core Emotions - A Review of Inside Out

20 August 2015 Where are the core emotional drives located in our brain?

23 August 2015 Emotional Intelligence in Tough Conversations

29 August 2015 Recognising the Type A personality

20 October 2015 The Emotional Intelligence of the German People

22 October 2015  The True Colours of Emotional Intelligence

5 November 2015 Book Review: Emotional Enlightenment: Managing Feelings for Success by Jane Birdsell

12 November 2015 Book Review The Antidote: Happiness for People Who Can't Stand Positive Thinking by Oliver Burkeman

 3 January 2016 Emotional Intelligence: the difference between psychopaths and sociopaths

5 January 2016 The Emotional Intelligence of Football Coaches

10 January 2016 Worry is a wasted emotion

31 January 2016  Emotional Intelligence in the new Steve Jobs film


8 February 2016  Emotional Intelligence and the Autistic Spectrum Disorder

12 February 2016 My Favourite Book on Leadership

27 March 2016 Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence

18 April 2016 5 Ways to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace???

18 April 2016 The Smiling Face of Anger: Emotional Intelligence in Action

29 April 2016 How to really spot a corporate psychopath

8 May 2016 Emotional Intelligence: Core Emotions and Five Factor theory

16 May 2016 Book Review of The Founder's Dilemmas: Anticipating and Avoiding the Pitfalls That Can Sink a Startup by Noam Wasserman












Leading Company Blogs #2

After several hiccups  Leading Company resurrected itself with a new editor and I was asked back to continue my blogging on Emotional Intelligence.

12 April 2013 To sell is human; to grow a profitable company divine is on a topic dear to my heart which is the importance of gaining selling experience on your career profile.

15 April 2013 You need emotion for true change to happen

22 April 2013 Why it pays to be an 'ambivert'.

27 May 2013 Each year the Sydney Institute holds an annual dinner.  This year the British historian, Amanda Forman, spoke on what makes a true leader which led to this blog Under Pressure: Leadership lessons from history.  According to the editor of Leading Company this blog on Leadership Lessons from History has had the highest number of hits on the site June 2013 – 4423 and counting.

17 June 2013 Emotional intelligence is a huge part of leadership, but how should we measure it?  A major trend in emotional intelligence is marrying it to the developments in neuroscience.  This blog is aobut why it is a flawed relationship.

28 June 2013 Julia Gillard's Fatal Flaw

9 July 2013 Why Leaders Need Eagle Eyes

23 July 2013 Take Control of Your Thought Process

6 August 2013 The Empathy of the Corporate Psychopaths

19 August 2013 Why the Stones survived longer than the Beatles

30 August 2013 Is Kevin Rudd a Corporate Psychopath?

18 September 2013 The 'I' of Leadership by Nigel Nicholson

30 September 2013 Why Sheryl Sandberg’s gender equality vision is unachievable

17 October 2013 How Common are Corporate Psychopaths in Politics

23 October 2013 Don’t wait till the post-mortem to work out what went wrong. Why slow thinking gets results

20 November 2013 Emotional Intelligence in Action

26 March 2014 Why practical wisdom is the ultimate leadership trait

4 May 2014 How important is emotional intelligence in your staff?

26 May 2014 The personality trait that guarantees success: conscientiousness



To Sell Is Human Emotional Intelligence in Selling

Management author Daniel Pink, has just written a new book, 'To Sell Is Human'.  The Wharton School of Business recently published an interview with him about the book.  There were several underlying ideas propagated in his book.

First of all was the idea we are all in sales.  According to US Labor data one in nine people in the economy today make a living selling stuff. They are car dealers, real estate agents, etc.  However Pink argues that many other professions such as managers; project team leaders; educators, art directors etc. spend an enormous amount of their time in non-sales selling. They're convincing you to make an exchange. Give me something you have in exchange for something that I have. But it's not denominated in dollars. It's denominated in time; it's denominated in attention; it's denominated in effort. If you look at how white-collar workers are spending their time -- whether they are in traditional sales or in some other kind of function -- a lot of their time and efforts are spent convincing, persuading, cajoling and influencing people.

The second key concept in Pink’s book is that the concept of sales as slimy, smarmy, sleazy, and duplicitous is now outdated.  Prior to the internet the seller had much more information than the buyer.  It was a world of information asymmetry so the seller would exploit the buyer.  Now there is that information asymmetry is becoming more like information parity. This has changed the nature of sales.  For example, to a salesperson ABC used to stand for Always Be Closing.  Now Pink suggests that it stands Attunement, Buoyancy and Clarity. Attunement means understanding someone else's perspective via empathy.  Buoyancy is resilience; remaining buoyant in the face of rejection.  Clarity means being able to curate, filter, make sense of and detect patterns in the mass of information now available to both the buyer and seller.

This resonated for me because of a defining moment in my business career.  In the early 1970s I did an MBA at the London Business School.  My tutor was Charles Handy, who subsequently became a well-known management writer; indeed, Fortune magazine described him as the best modern management guru of the 1990s.  In my final year I had the good fortune to be offered a job by McKinseys in New York after being flown there twice for interviews.  When discussing this opportunity with Charles he said that if he were in my shoes, he would not take the position.  In his opinion the most important key to success in business was to be good at one-on-one meetings; because that was when decisions were made.  However, while MBA courses were good at teaching business analysis they were very poor in developing people skills.  He suggested the best way to gain this expertise was to become a capital goods salesperson.  I subsequently went to Australia and following his advice became a trainee salesman with ICL, a British mainframe computer company.  It was at ICL I was introduced for the first time to the Humm-Wadsworth profiling technology which I now believe is the secret to lifting your emotional intelligence. 

A cornerstone of emotional intelligence is social mastery: being able to understand another person’s core emotional drives and then using that knowledge and your social skills to gain cooperation.  Pink’s observations while not unique certainly appear to apply in the modern era.  Mind you I still remember a famous aphorism from my MBA days probably caused by Rolls Royce being declared insolvent in early 1971.  If you wanted to be a CEO of a growing and profitable company start as a salesperson; if you If you wanted to be a CEO of a profitable company start as an accountant, if you wanted to be a CEO of a neither a growing nor profitable company start as an engineer. 


Leading Company Blogs

For about 12 months I was writing blogs for Leading Company (  Here is a list of the blogs I wrote.  Leading Company was then taken over by Smart Company and although I tried to establish contact about continuing the blog I never got an answer.  I am not sure if you click on the link it will go there.  I tried various links - some go through some don't.

29 March 2012 Is emotional intelligence innate?