Chris Golis’ latest transformation is as the CEO and lead presenter of Emotional Intelligence Courses which he began in June 2007 after retiring as a venture capitalist with Nanyang Ventures.

Previously he had worked since late 1981 in the Australian financial services industry. He first worked at Bankers Trust to start the Financial Services division. He was responsible for the launch of the BT Hi-Yield and BT Split Trusts and saw funds under management in this division grow to more than $500 million. He then successfully raised $10 million for the MIC, BT Innovation Limited which was 30% over subscribed. This awakened his interest in the fledgling Australian venture capital industry.

He was the Executive Chairman of Nanyang Ventures (1995-2006), which was the fund manager for Nanyang Australia I & II and the Nanyang Innovation Fund with over $140 million of institutional private equity funds.  He is one of the few people in Australia who have successfully grown companies that have made significant capital gains for their owners including DKS (MD 1989-91), GMD Group, IPL Datron, Scitec (Chairman 1994-2000) , Neverfail SpringWater (Chairman 1990-95) and VeCommerce (Chairman 2000-2006).   He has been a director of some 30 public and VC backed private companies.

Prior to joining BT Australia Mr Golis worked in the information services industry. He started with IBM in 1967 as a Systems Engineer and progressed to Computer Project Manager with KLM. Mr Golis migrated to Australia in 1973 where he worked for ICL, GEC, and TNT progressing from Salesperson to Divisional General Manager. The largest profit centre he managed employed over 300 people and had sales over of $30 million.

Mr Golis’s first degree was from Cambridge (Sidney Sussex College) where he graduated in 1967 with joint honours’ degree in Natural Sciences (Chemistry and Experimental Psychology)  and Economics.  In 1973 he completed (with distinction) the two year Masters program at the London Business School.  Mr Golis was awarded the Sydney Stock Exchange Prize in 1983 for the best performance in the Diploma Course of the Securities Institute of Australia.

Mr Golis is a Fellow of the Institute of Management and Leaders and was a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He was a member of the NSW SIA Council 1985-99 and was a  Senior Fellow of that organisation.  He was a director of the Australian Venture Capital Association 1999-2005.  He was the President of the Cambridge Society of NSW for seven years (2008-15).  His book Enterprise and Venture Capital – A Business Builders’ and Investors’ Handbook (Allen & Unwin, fifth edition June 2009) has become the handbook of the Australian Venture Capital industry. McGraw Hill published the latest version of his book Empathy Selling—New Sales Techniques for the 21st Century in November 1995 and a new edition was recently republished in March 2009.  His third book, The Humm Handbook: Lifting Your Level of Emotional Intelligence was released in June 2007.

Based on his books, Chris has developed seminars and training courses on people skills for technical managers, salespeople and leaders.  Since 1990 he has trained some 5,000 people.  Among his clients are the Australian Venture Capital Association, Citicorp Asia, Euromoney Institute of Finance, IIR, Islamic Development Bank, National Science & Technology Board, Singapore, New York Institute of Finance, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Securities Institute of Australia, Securities Institute of Malaysia, the Singapore Venture Capital Association, and Terrapin.  Chris is available for training and public speaking.

During COVID Chris used the time available to convert his intellectual property into three on-line video training courses.

A$25 Introduction to Practical Emotional Intelligence: The 7MTF This course introduces you to the seven 7MFT components and teaches you TOPDOG to recognise the dominant EQ components in another person in 60 seconds.  It comprises 10 lessons and takes 5 hours to complete.

A$50 Practical Emotional Intelligence for Salespeople This course takes you through the various selling steps and provides you with a number of practical tips to gain emotional commitment from your prospects and clients.  It comprises 8 lessons and takes 8 hours to complete.  Participants learn how to dramatically improve their selling skills using emotional intelligence.

A$75 Practical Emotional Intelligence for Leaders and Managers.

This course will provide you with a practical methodology to lift your emotional intelligence which is increasingly being recognised as the key skill in becoming a successful leader and manager.  It comprises 8 lessons and takes 8 hours to complete.

If you want to hire Chris Golis as a speaker or trainer or have a question contact him at or on +61-418-222219.

Chris Golis - Author


"Put in a sales perspective, I loved your presentation! I got a lot from what you talked about and I will read your book."

Peter Morris, Executive Officer, Lomax Financial Group