Grandmother’s footsteps

My wife and I are grandparents of 5 grandchildren (8-13 yrs. old) and there is much discussion about how mobiles and social media are changing the behaviours of the grandchildren.  Recently in the Spectator Mary Wakefield published an article that prompted this letter: Grandmother’s footsteps Sir: Mary Wakefield’s article evoked many memories (‘In defence of my Victorian childhood’, 4 May). I was brought up by my widowed grandmother, who’d been born around the late 1890s, while .....

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Neurodiversity in Action

Recently the Institute of Management & Leaders organised a webinar: Neurodiversity in Action.  The speaker was Samantha Nuttall, who describes herself as The Neurodivergent Coach.  She has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Cardiff University and a post-graduate Diploma in Coaching Psychology from the University of Sydney.  She started her working career in Human Resources. She is married and the mother of two sons who were both diagnosed with Autism and ADHD when they were 3 yea.....

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The Sydney Institute, run by Ann & Gerald Henderson, is a Sydney icon.  Nearly every week they have a 30-minute talk followed by a 30-minute Q&A on some topic.  Speakers range from authors to politicians.  The sessions start at 6pm and finish at 7pm on the dot.  You can attend the talk in person or hear the talk on YouTube and generally on Sky News.  I am proud to have been a long-standing member which at $99/year is one of the best value for money entertainment packages availab.....

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The Power of Introverts

I was prompted to watch this video of Susan Cain speaking at TED 2012 about the power of introverts because Tali Sharot talked about it in her first book, The Influential Mind. that I reviewed in my previous blog.  Tali was also speaking at TED 2012, this time about her second book, The Optimism Bias. I have not worked how the passage then got into her first book but never mind.  What I did discover was a short clip 3-minute clip of Tali summarising her first book

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Chris Golis - Author


"Put in a sales perspective, I loved your presentation! I got a lot from what you talked about and I will read your book."

Peter Morris, Executive Officer, Lomax Financial Group

Your presentation on 'Lifting your Level of Emotional Intelligence" to 10 CEOs scored an average 8.9 out of 10 for the topic and 8.5 for the presentation which is great. A couple of the attendees gave you a 10 out of 10, and the comments were:

- Great presentation. Very informative.

- Excellent presentation.

- made me think.

Christi Spring CEO Institute. - web