“Chris’ seminar was the third emotional intelligence seminar that I have attended over the last two years and it was the best as it provided me with the tools to understand my own EI and also to assess that of others.  I have used my family as guinea pigs and the results were illuminating and also true to my perceptions and their own perceptions of how they see themselves in this facet of life.  I also see its benefits in the way we manage interpersonal relationships and how we lead and work together in teams.”

Ian Mackenzie, Treasury Corporation of Victoria

EQ Training for Managers: Lifting Your Level of Emotional Intelligence

If your organisation lacks energy or empathy and needs to dramatically improve its people skills, then  EQ Training for Managers: Lifting Your Level of Emotional Intelligence will transform your corporate culture.

Ranging from a half-day to two days, you and your people will learn how to apply the Humm to the four key people skills of self analysis, self-control, empathy and relationship management  in a practical, thorough manner.

The seminar begins by providing a framework for identifying people’s seven core emotions and how these emotions translate into day-to-day behaviour. Participants then learn the first three key EQ skills of self analysis, self-control, and empathy. Finally using 10 case studies and 3 videos partipants learn the fourth EQ competency, relationship management.  Participants in particular will learn how to recognise and deal with the corporate psychopath and corporate bully.

EQ Training for Managers: Lifting Your Level of Emotional Intelligence is a practical workshop given by a trainer who has been a director of some 30 public and private companies and is particularly suitable for the following people.

  • All levels of general, operations, administration and sales management (especially those with some previous management training)
  • Project managers and team leaders
  • Human resource and personnel managers
  • Prospective high achievers


Check the events home page for upcoming Emotional Intelligence training  or contact Chris Golis on either his mobile +61-418-222219 or email cgolisau@gmail.com. 

Chris Golis - Author