Hot Buttons and Objections – Mover/Socialisers

My Chinese partner, Michael Chen, CEO of Zest Learning in China, has asked to write a series of blogs on what is the key hot button for each of the seven components and what are the likely objections such individuals are likely to provide during a sales call. We have so far dealt with the Politician (P), Normal (N), Hustler (H), Doublechecker (D), Artist (A), and Engineer (E) components. Let us now deal with the final 7MTF/Humm component: the Mover/Socialiser or M.

Movers are driven by the desire to communicate. They are talkative, energetic and impulsive. Their relentless energy and enthusiasm means they are often promoted to managerial positions. When presented with a new proposition Mover managers ask themselves one key question: ‘Will my team members like it?’

When presenting to a Mover, you must mirror their energy and enthusiasm. If you don’t they will think you are a cold fish and lack feelings. Also do not go into too much detail. That is why Normals, Artists and Engineers often fail to convince Movers when presenting a proposition. Underneath the Mover is unconsciously saying I don’t like you.

However this is not a common objection from Movers. Indeed the reverse normally happens. When you present to Movers, they will become enthusiastic about your proposal, see the benefits, and you finish the meeting thinking yourself that this deal is in the bag. Nothing could be farther from reality. Movers react excitedly to everyone coming through the door. And each salesperson walks out working out his or her prospective commission.

I remember once giving Empathy Selling workshop to a Sydney start-up company and I asked the CEO to describe their best prospect. He outlined the characteristics and we agreed that the female decision maker had a lot of Mover. He then said the prospect was based in Melbourne. Immediately I said there was no chance of getting the order as the company did not have a Melbourne office. The CEO said that prospect was so enthusiastic that they could not fail to get the order. I replied that she would be like that with everyone but would choose Melbourne supplier who she meet with regularly. A month later I was visiting their offices and asked how the sale to the Melbourne based prospect was progressing. The prospect had chosen a Melbourne supplier as I predicted.

So the Mover is the most dangerous prospect of all the components. He or she is enthusiastic about your proposal and will offer few if any objections. You need to keep asking for the order and closing every day. Do not worry about telephoning them and making contact every day. Other components would find it a pain but the Mover likes to talk and will see your constant contact as proof of your enthusiasm.


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