Review Of Why Emotional Intelligence Is Crucial for Success (Infographic)

I was recently sent the above infographic. It starts by providing another definition of Emotional Intelligence: The capacity to be aware of, control and express one’s emotions and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically. As definitions for EQ this is not bad. However what I do like about the infographic is the weight it gave to the Goleman Model placing it on an equal footing to Bar-On and Salovey-Meyer. Even more credible was the section on What Components make up EQ; that is pure Goleman.

However there are a number of statements in the infographic that I think are questionable.

Firstly there are the two comments about EQ and IQ. To say that EQ scores among adults have dropped is bizarre. The term only entered the management lexicon in 1995 with the publication of Goleman’s book. Since then the EQ industry has grown dramatically. Also the comment that IQ has increased by up 25 points is inexplicable. IQ is genetic, the definition requires an average IQ to be 100.

Secondly the statement the EQ is more important than IQ to success in life/work needs to be carefully scrutinised. I beg to differ. Instead I prefer the rule that IQ gets you the job but EQ gets you promoted. You need IQ to get the job and that is why IQ repeatedly judged to be the key to success.

Thirdly I do have a problem with the country results. To rank two Muslim countries as in the top 5 for EQ is weird. I admit Bahrein and Oman are two of the more liberal Muslim countries but they still treat half the population as second class citizens. The other three countries are either fighting a civil war or have finished one. On the other to rank Singapore as the country with the lowest EQ in the world defies belief. If there is one country that is disciplined and controls the emotions of its citizens it would have to be Singapore.

Finally while the comments about improving your EQ are just above motherhood statements there is no doubt in my mind that the best tool for developing your practical emotional intelligence is to use the 7MTF/Humm profiling tool. If you want to start the journey do the PEQAS (Personal EQ Assessment).

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