The Emotional Intelligence of Contrary Combinations Mover-Engineers

The two most common strong components in the Humm universe are the Mover and Engineer.  Accordingly of all the combinations the Mover-Engineer (ME) is the most common.  Unfortunately Mover-Engineers suffer psychological stress because the desire of the Engineer to concentrate on and complete one project conflicts with the desire of the Mover to meet people and multi-task.

The positive is that once they have decided on a project, Mover-Engineers try single-mindedly to finish it, with impatient forcefulness.   Once they are convinced that your product has a useful goal and social benefits, they will usually become talkative and fervent supporters of it.

MEs seek to complete a variety of projects, particularly those that involve people.  They prefer to work as a member of a team rather than as an isolated specialist.  They do like to work undisturbed at times, particularly when engaged in a challenging project, but at the same time they like people to be near.  Supervision of an ME can sometimes be difficult; they may either become lost in the details of a project, or become distracted, depending on which component is stronger at the time.  In general, provided the Normal is average to high, they will only need spot-checking, as they work conscientiously at their tasks.

MEs will show enthusiasm for any activity that they think has a purpose.  The combination of enthusiastic energy and detailed thoroughness can make them a valuable employee or ally for a new project.  If you want to secure their co-operation first outline the goal or objective you wish them to achieve and then urge them to express their ideas.  Build on their enthusiasm, show them how it is an opportunity to achieve something worthwhile, and emphasise the human implications of your proposal.  Remember that they tend to see other implications of new ideas, so keep to the point and make sure they follow your line of thinking.

MEs, provided they have a reasonable amount of Normal, make popular managers.  They are not only concerned with the orderly progress of work but also human issues.  They often bring off inspired accomplishments by building up a good team spirit because of their warmth and eagerness.

If their Normal is low, however, they are inclined to exhaust themselves physically, and then become over-excitable and irritable.  MEs with low N may be unable to determine priorities, scattering their attention among various projects but never finishing them.  They will tend to be over-talkative and disorganised in their thinking.

If you have gained the support of an ME for a project you need to make sure that they do not get carried away with some derivation  that subsequently turns out to be impractical and so causes subsequent problems of implementation.  Mover-Engineers are prone to go off on wild goose chases.

They may also have emotional outbursts that end in sheepish apologies.  If this happens pay no attention to them, just excuse yourself and say that you will return in a few minutes.


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