The Emotional Intelligence of Hilary Clinton

I blogged about Donald Trump’s EQ last month and Peter Chamberlin asked me to blog about the EQ of Hilary Clinton.  Who am I to refuse the demands of my readers?  Contrasting the EQ of the two candidates has become a popular topic.  I have been beating the drum since 1995 that the key to understanding someone’s EQ is recognising his or her temperament components.  However when I read an article that includes problem solving (an IQ variable) as an EQ component that is part of someone’s temperament I am bemused.

I will again lay my cards on the table.  I use the Humm Wadworth profiling technology because I believe it is the most practical tool for understanding someone’s temperament and hence his or her EQ.  The key to first understanding Hilary’s EQ is her very high Politician and Engineer components.  The blue coat and filled bookshelves say it all.  She wants to win and when she takes up a cause she attacks it with monomaniacal enthusiasm often to the level of becoming buried in the overwhelming detail.  A good example was her attempts at health care reform during her husband’s Presidency.

She is relentless in her pursuit of a goal and will work harder than anyone else to get there.  In 2000, she won a Senate seat that meant serving amidst Republicans who had destroyed her health care bill and sought to impeach her husband. And she kept her head down, found common ground, and won them over.  After losing to Barack Obama, she rebuilt those relationships, campaigning hard for him in the general, serving as his Secretary of State, reaching out to long-time allies who had crushed her campaign by endorsing him over her.

This Saturday Night Live spoof of the first Clinton-Trump debate captures her determination perfectly when Kate McKinnon playing Hillary Clinton promises that she will keep running for President until she is elected.

She is not a great speechmaker, she is best described as efficient. Her speeches are logically organized and demonstrate a thorough understanding of policy issues.  At her worst, in speeches and interacting with the press, she lacks an emotional connection with her audience.  This indicates to me that her Mover, Doublechecker and Artist components are below average.  She is often described as lacking empathy.  People with high Politician and Engineer are more task than people orientated.

On the other hand Clinton has managed her emotions in public through scandals, investigations, and difficult policy matters. She never appears to make an important decision when angry or frustrated.  Her Normal has become stronger over time and this was clearly demonstrated in the first debate.  She kept her self control and by the end of the debate was the clear winner.  Her riposte to Trump when he said she lacked the stamina to President was the highlight: “As soon as he travels to 112 countries and negotiates a peace deal, and a cease fire, a release of dissidents, an opening of new opportunities in nations around the world, or even spends 11 hours testifying in front of a congressional committee, he can talk to me about stamina.”


What is an interesting question is the level of Clinton’s Hustler.  We know that Trump’s is off the planet.  I think that her Hustler is quite high.  She is flexible with the truth (eg I was under attack in Serbia) and she definitely built her wealth.  She also will change her position.

In summary very high Politician and Engineer (top 1%), above average (10%) Normal and Hustler, below average Mover, Doublechecker and Artist.   Her IQ is high and she is certainly the only Presidential nominee who has had the experience of closely watching another President in action for eight years.


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