Where is temperament?

Joshua Freeman, CEO of Six Seconds, put up a very interesting blog recently Emotions, Feelings and Moods: Does anybody know the difference?. According to Joshua the answer is time:

Emotions are chemicals and last about six seconds.

Feelings are something we sense and occur as the emotion chemicals are processed in our brains & bodies and last for longer than emotions.

Moods are not tied to a specific incident, but a collection of inputs and influence by the environment, our physiology, and our mental state. Moods can last minutes, hours, even days.

The article really sums up much of the zeitgeist about emotional intelligence discussion and research. The problem with this model is that it says it is the transient emotions that are important.

I disagree. I believe that what is essential in lifting your Emotional Intelligence is an understanding of temperament, which is that part of the personality that is genetically based and is what determines our habitual emotional responses. Temperament last longer than days; it lasts a lifetime.

The model that I have found best at explaining temperament is the 7MTF or Seven Motivational Temperament Factors. This model says we are all slightly insane and as I get older I am more and more relaxed about this hypothesis. The model also says we have seven core emotional drives based on the seven most common forms of insanity.

I am delivering a paper on the 7MTF to the Sixth Emotional Intelligence Congress in Oporto in July 2017. You can download a first draft of the paper off my website here. Any comments are welcome. Please send them to cgolis@www.emotionalintelligencecourse.com


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