People drive performance, emotions drive people, temperament drives emotions.

If you are a leader, manager or salesperson looking to lift your emotional intelligence; I will teach you the best solution.  The problem is most people do not have a scientifically valid model of temperament to help them determine their own and other people’s core emotions. I practise and teach the most practical temperament tool available, the 7MTF which once learnt will dramatically lift your emotional intelligence.

Click on the video for a 4-minute explanation of the 7MTF or read this paper delivered to the Sixth International Congress on Emotional Intelligence.  If that awakens your appetite to lift your EQ then click below on a course button.  Note you should do the Introduction to Practical Emotional Intelligence: The 7MTF course first.

Or if you want a more personal touch where where you and I meet on-line for six coaching sessions read what is offered here.

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Watch my latest webinar recording here: The Two Secrets to Career Success

Chris Golis is a Sydney-based professional speaker and trainer. Armed with a Cambridge University degree and an MBA from the London Business School, he spent the late 1960s and 70s working with some of the leading IT companies of the time, including IBM and GEC. He then changed direction and joined Bankers Trust. During his 23 years as a venture capitalist, he started the Financial Services division and helped raise over $1 billion for BT. Because of his expertise at recognising business opportunities he became a director of over 30 private and public companies.

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This course introduces you to the seven 7MTF components and teaches you TOPDOG to recognise the dominant EQ components in another person in 60 seconds.

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This course takes you through the various selling steps and provides you with a number of practical tips to gain emotional commitment from your prospects and clients.

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The course will provide you with a practical methodology to lift your emotional intelligence which is increasingly being recognised as the key skill in becoming a successful leader and manager.

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