Book Review: What Really Happened in Wuhan

This is the Australian book for 2021.  Author Shelly Markson has produced a comprehensive, well-researched work of journalism.  She presents the case that COVID-19 was not caused by zoonosis but was a genetically modified virus that escaped from a lab in Wuhan.  She does not categorically say it was a lab accident but presents a lot of circumstantial evidence that it was.  Read it if you enjoy seeing all sides of an issue. This book is not pro-Trump, indeed he does not come out well in the book.  His decision making is opportunistic and he rarely if ever considers alternative strategies when deciding on a course of action.

The cover up by the current Chinese government and the treatment of the Chinese whistle-blowers is so Orwellian that it defies belief.  If anyone doubts that China has changed with the rise of President-for-life Xi Jinping, please read this book.  And the subsequent misinformation campaign carried out by the Chinese government was far reaching.  China is a real threat.

What was worse is that this misinformation campaign was supported by Americans including Antony Fauci and Peter Deszack who were funnelling taxpayer money into the Wuhan Lab for Gain of Function research and therefore had an incredible conflict of interest to rule a lab accident out of the realm of possibility.  This research was banned by Obama in 2013 but surreptitiously introduced by Fauci in 2017 during the initial chaotic stages of the Trump Presidency.  How can the two of them still hold their current position?

Even worse Facebook and Twitter shutdown discussion about the lab origin story and the left-wing media, led by the ABC, never gave the lab origin story any credibility.  Another major problem has been the politicization of the Washington bureaucracy.  They mostly hated Donald Trump so much that they perverted their professions in order to cover up the truth. Several “scientific” journals to this day refuse to consider the lab leak hypothesis for fear of appearing pro-Trump.

According to one reviewer there was a refrigerator sticker in the 1970’s that said, “Should we call in an expert or screw this up ourselves.” Finally, all of the preaching by politician and health bureaucrats telling individuals to “follow the science” is at last producing scepticism and mistrust.  True science is based on doubt and disproving hypotheses.

A number of people do stand out in this book.  To me one of the real heroes is Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.  He would make a great President of the United States and if Trump had any understanding of legacy would give Pompeo his whole hearted support for the 2024 Republican nomination.  Unfortunately, Trump doesn’t.

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