Linking Annoying Habits with the 7MTF/Humm

With my throat cancers all eradicated, conference speeches all delivered and no holidays until mid-October I can start blogging again. Here is my first blog since 16 June 2019.

In my inbox this morning was this interesting email: 7 annoying habits and the fascinating scientific reasons for them. As you may be aware I am a great believer in the importance of the number 7, being the limit of short term memory. So when I looked at the email I immediately thought did the 7MTF/Humm apply? Going through the seven annoying habits:

  1. Constantly clearing throat: Physical so no connection.
  2. Always saying, “you know” or “like”: This habit is common with people with high conscientiousness or high Engineers. Being a high E myself, my annoying filler is “Basically” which drives my wife mad.
  3. Oversharing on Facebook: Most likely to be someone with high Socialiser
  4. Biting nails: This is interesting in that the research shows that it is perfectionists who bite nails. In the 7MTF the perfectionists are Regulators. However you would think that Regulators who have very high self-control and low neuroticism would be the last people to bite their nails.
  5. Complaining about ailments: Most likely to be someone with high Doublechecker
  6. An ear-shattering sneeze: Physical so no connection.
  7. Aggressive driving: This would be a person with low Regulator and either high Politician or high GoGetter

So four of the annoying habits appear to have a link to our temperament with another rated as a maybe. If you would like to watch a webinar on how to work out a someone’s dominant EQ components go here. Otherwise download this free white paper.

This article was first published on LinkedIn on 20 August 2019.,






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