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Two interesting pieces appeared in my in-tray this month.  The first was a blog from BBC Worklife: Why introverts didn’t actually ‘win’ lockdown.  The second was a blog from the BPS Digest: We Feel Happier When Behaving More Extraverted Than Normal.

Thankfully both blogs describe extraversion as a trait and not a type.  This blog of mine explains the difference but in summary there is personality function called extraversion that is Normally distributed.  The upper sixth are extraverts, the lower sixth are introverts and the two-thirds of the population in the middle are ambiverts.

I found the BBC blog the more interesting.  When the lockdowns started as a result of Covid many commentators suggested that introverts would handle the lockdowns better.  However subsequent studies have found that introverts found it harder to deal with isolation than many expected.

The blog makes several suggestions but here is another.  One of the five personality functions in the Five Factor Model (FFM) is Agreeableness.  As I pointed out in this blog one link between the FFM and the 7MTF is that Agreeableness correlates very strongly with the Doublechecker.  The underlying mental illness associated with the Doublechecker is depression.  In other words what determines how well you handle the Covid lockdowns is not your level of extraversion (7MTF Socialiser/Mover) but your level of Doublechecker.  If it is high then you are more likely to suffer from depression.

On the other hand there is no question that the second blog is on the money. The old adage that if you smile the whole world smiles with you is true no matter where you are.  I always thought the adage that one of my sales mentors said to me summed it up beautifully, “The only thing more contagious than enthusiasm is the lack of it.”



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