The Emotional Intelligence of your other gender side

There I was listening to the whale music and getting this great massage when suddenly Tanya asked me how does the 7MTF help you get in touch with your feminine side.  (Tanya had done both my Introduction to the 7MTF and Emotional Intelligence for Salespeople on-line training courses.)

“Good question,” I replied, “Let me get back to you via a blog post.”  And here is the answer.

In my book, The Humm Handbook, where I am using the precursor technology to the 7MTF, there is a chapter entitled The Glass Ceiling where I examine gender differences using that excellent reference book: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.  In the chapter I define three of the 7MTF traits as feminine: Socialiser, Doublechecker and Artist.  The three masculine traits are GoGetter, Politician and Engineer.  While some of us are dominated by these two triads most of us have a dominant combination of three of these six temperament components and so can claim to have both a masculine and feminine side.

Some of us don’t.  For example, my own temperament profile is dominated by Politician, Engineer and GoGetter in that order.  This blog, Embracing Feminine and Masculine Power Consciously, by Michele Jones lists off six (feminine) traits to be a successful entrepreneur.


I certainly agree this is a trait you would associate with someone dominated by the Doublechecker and Artist components but I certainly do not think you need it to be a successful entrepreneur.  In fact, I would think it would be a detriment.  Successful Entrepreneurs focus on the business detail and making money.


Again this is a Doublechecker trait.  And again in my 25 years in venture capital it is not a trait I have found in successful entrepreneurs.  What the good ones do is hire a Doublechecker in administration or as a personal assistant who then provides the compassion in the organisation.


Again unless you have a dominant Doublechecker or Artist component in your temperament Vulnerability is not something you are going to exhibit.  And it is not the only route to authenticity.  In a start-up you want your leaders to achieve authenticity by doing what they say they are going to do and who demonstrate relentless energy to achieving their goals.


Intuition is the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.  I don’t see this as a feminine trait.  I have met many entrepreneurs who harness their intuition in many decisions.  They go with their gut feeling no matter what their sex is.  They may subsequently try to justify their decisions with logic but the original decision is a gut feeling.  And for many decisions at the operational and tactical levels this is the correct way to go.  It is when you are making a strategic decision for a business that you need to patiently apply a risk analysis


Again I beg to differ.  For most start-ups speed is of the essence.  Getting in to the market with a minimum viable product and then acting on the market reaction is the route to follow.


Here I could not agree more with Michele.  This is the true test of an entrepreneur.  The people who the entrepreneur selects as part of their team and the willingness to remove non-performers are major determinants of success.  One of my favourite quotes is “Venture Capitalists back teams not dreams.”  I am the first to admit the people with high Engineer, Politician and GoGetter components are not natural team players.  However to become a successful business person you have to demonstrate you can select and build a team.

How did I get around my feminine deficiency?  Simple I married someone who is dominated by the three feminine components.

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This blog was first posted on LinkedIn on 5 December 2022




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"Put in a sales perspective, I loved your presentation! I got a lot from what you talked about and I will read your book."

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