Emotions – Feelings – Mood; but Where is Temperament?

Joshua Freedman, CEO of Six Seconds and a raging Socialiser, recently posted an excellent video discussing the difference between emotions, feelings and moods.  It is 24 minutes long but you can play it at 1.5x and not lose anything.  Six Seconds is an organisation that does excellent work promoting emotional intelligence.

The difference between the three is time.  Six seconds is the length of time an emotion lasts, while feelings then moods last longer.  A great feature of the video is the references to the various scientists who have enhanced the field of emotional intelligence with their work.

The first expert is Lisa Feldman-Barrett who I have already written about in a review of her book.  I also tried to explain her Theory of Contracted Emotions in a second blog.  However, the Six Seconds video does a much better job.

Another expert quoted is Marc Brackett, who is the Director of the Centre for Emotional Intelligence and a Doublechecker’s Doublechecker.  In the video there is an extensive explanation of the Mood Meter.  In contrast to the video I have also written about Marc and the Mood Meter and I am very sceptical about it.

For me the biggest flaw in the Six Seconds video is the lack of discussion about temperament.  I define temperament as your genetic emotional predisposition.  It is the next step in time beyond Mood.  According to Marc we all under go 3-5 emotional shifts/minute or around 4000 different emotions/day.  By contrast your temperament being genetically based is relatively constant.

My core belief is that “People Drive Performance, Emotions Drive People; Temperament Drives Emotions”.  If you want to lift your emotional intelligence you need to use a model of temperament that is practical, easy-to-use, and scientifically valid.

The model of temperament I like is the 7MTF.  If you want to learn more about the 7MTF watch this short 4-minute explainer video.  If that awakens your appetite to lift your emotional this online-video course: Introduction to Practical Emotional Intelligence: The 7MTF is now available.

This article was first published on LinkedIn 27 July 2020.




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