Emotional Intelligence Books

Chris Golis has written three Emotional Intelligence books that show you the practical side of EQ, and how you can use it in leadership, management and sales.

Introducing The Humm (Kindle)

Introducing the Humm is written for the Kindle.  It introduces the seven Humm components, describes a number of personality combinations and how the Humm compares to other profiling techniques such as DISC, NLP and Myers-Briggs.  You can buy it from Amazon by going here

The Humm Handbook (Paperback)

The Humm Handbook is an emotional intelligence book that teaches a scientific and practical model for understanding people’s underlying emotions. It then uses the model to dramatically increase your four EQ competencies: self-analysis, self-control, empathy and relationship management. You will learn how to become a better manager and leader. Read more…

Empathy Selling (Paperback)

Empathy Selling describes a method of helping you to close more sales more quickly by understanding your clients better. Empathy is the ability to grasp or understand another person’s point of view. Empathy Selling, uniquely, describes how to develop empathy by discovering your prospects hidden but dominant desires. Read more…

Enterprise and Venture Capital

Chris also co-authored ‘Enterprise and Venture Capital: the business builder’s and investor’s handbook’ for people looking to build new businesses around bright ideas. Copies can be ordered through Allen and Unwin.

Chris Golis - Author