Emotional Intelligence Book – The Humm Handbook: Lifting your Level of Emotional Intelligence

“Whether you are a freshly minted MBA or CEO of a major corporation, you will benefit from this book. Christopher Golis combines psychological theory with incisive and practical references to the classics to come up with psychographic profiles of individuals with whom we have daily dealings in any organisation. This is the insightful book to give you the leading management edge”
Andrew L. Horsley , President , NSW Chapter GMAA

“This handbook outlines how to achieve the people skills required to become a consummate manager. Importantly, Chris Golis provides the technology to develop self and social awareness to do just that.”
Kevin McCann AM, Chairman of Directors, Origin Energy Limited and Healthscope Limited

About the Humm Handbook

Daniel Goleman published his ‘Emotional Intelligence’ book in 1995, and since then the concept has become a fixture in the management lexicon. Now many organisations consider it one of the core competencies required for high performers.

However, whilst Goleman argues a persuasive case for the importance of Emotional Intelligence, he does not provide an effective model to increase it.

When I read Goleman’s ‘Emotional Intelligence’ book for the first time in 1996 I realised that I had the answer to Goleman’s conundrum. I was familiar with the Humm-Wadsworth model of temperament, which is a scientific model of people’s underlying emotions.

The Humm Handbook teaches a scientific model for understanding people’s underlying emotions. It then uses the model to dramatically increase your four EQ competencies: self-analysis, self-control, empathy and relationship management. You will learn how to become a better manager and leader.

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Chris Golis - Author