Emotional Intelligence book for Sales: Empathy Selling  

Develop empathy and make more sales by discovering your prospects hidden but dominant desires with Chris Golis’ Emotional Intelligence book, ‘Empathy Selling’ 

With Empathy Selling, you will not just close sales, you will open client relationships. Easy to read, simple to understand, Empathy Selling is unlike any selling book, or Emotional Intelligence book you have ever read. It will put new life into your sales presentations and make selling much more rewarding.

The Empathy Selling technique is new and different. It teaches you how to:

  • Analyse your prospects, using easy to use clues such as the way they talk and dress.
  • Gain empathy with the prospect and tailor your sales presentation accordingly
  • Appeal to the prospects dominant desire – the real reason behind successful sales.

If you are someone whose employment depends on understanding how people feel and act – whether you are in sales, customer service, business development, marketing or broking – this book is an essential part of your sales kit.

The objective of Empathy Selling is simple. It is to describe a method of helping you to close more sales more quickly by understanding your clients better. Empathy is the ability to grasp or understand another person’s point of view. Empathy Selling, uniquely, describes how to develop empathy by discovering your prospects hidden but dominant desires.

Click here to view a preview chapter, ‘Closing Techniques’ and the Table of Contents of Empathy Selling.

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Chris Golis - Author