Emotional Intelligence Training: Keynotes & Workshop Topics

For 2018 I will be running four general workshops in conjunction with Allara Learning at its Sydney CBD offices on Level 6, 45 Clarence St.

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Feedback from the last workshop: 

Thanks for Friday’s Training session, I thought it was the best value for money training and advice I have ever had. The gems from your business career in anecdotes that solidify key theory behind the model were very helpful.  I would like another in our team attend again at the next round.

Len Power, Head of Sales, Global Speech Networks, http://www.gsn.com.au

Practical Emotional Intelligence for Salespeople: The Most Useful Sales Technique I Have Ever Used.

Participants who attend this one-day workshop will

  • Learn how to analyse prospects and discover hidden emotional desires
  • Develop practical presentation strategies that are tailored to individual  prospects
  • Learn to anticipate what objections will come from which emotional drives  and the appropriate handling techniques in each case
  • Discover what closing techniques work best with which personality types and why


Practical Emotional Intelligence for Managers

At the end of this one-day workshop managers will be able answer the following questions:

  • Am I trying to fit square pegs into round holes? Am I trying to force people roles for which they are not suited.
  • How do I match tasks to my employees? How can I forecast their performance?
  • What are the emotional strengths and weaknesses in my team?
  • How do I harness the strengths and compensate for the weaknesses?
  • How do I coach my staff to become more effective performers

Feedback from the workshop 24 February 2017

It was really beneficial attending the workshop last Friday …I found the case study exercises really good.  I have personally hired more than 400 people over the last 25 years and this methodology has been more helpful to me than any other I have come across before. 

Stuart Mercer, Director, Kyora Landscapes Pty Limited, www.kyora.com.au

Feedback received 14 April 2016 two years after the event.

Hi Chris,

I was at the GMAA National Conference when you presented. I was so impressed that I purchased a couple of your books on the day. What I liked about them is that they were simple to read, simple to understand, simple to remember and easily transferable to “selling ideas” rather than “selling products”. I can’t tell you how many times these skills have been useful in various situations. I’ve been given job offers at every interview I’ve sat at, I’ve turned unsuccessful projects into successful ones and I’ve been able to maximise the efficiency of teams all using the Humm method. I’ve been taught other methods, both as part of an MBA and as professional development, yet Humm is the most useful and practical method I’ve encountered.

I’ve forwarded your details on to a dozen or more people, and I will continue to recommend your side and services to people I work with.

Thank you, Philip Leitch

President of the GMAA


You can watch the presentation here.

Executives who attend my workshops learn to recognise the hidden core emotions of people and then the skills to develop self- and social mastery.  People drive performance; Emotions drive people;  Temperament drives emotions.  I teach practical emotional intelligence.

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EQ Training for Management: Lifting Your Level of Emotional Intelligence. READ MORE…

5000 Business Plans, 50 Deals, 25 Write-offs: Lessons learnt in 25 years of Venture Capital.  READ MORE…


Feedback from keynotes

Friday 4 April 2014 I did a lunchtime keynote for the NSW Business Chamber on Emotional Intelligence in Selling.

‘Thank you for the amazing presentation last week.  We have received outstanding feedback from all our guests, & I know each & everyone of us took something useful from you.  You were extremely engaging & we all loved it. “

Kristy Adler, Marketing & Events Cooridinator

Feedback from on my EQ workshops

“Chris’ seminar was the third emotional intelligence seminar that I have attended over the last two years and it was the best as it provided me with the tools to understand my own EI and also to assess that of others.  I have used my family as guinea pigs and the results were illuminating and also true to my perceptions and their own perceptions of how they see themselves in this facet of life.  I also see its benefits in the way we manage interpersonal relationships and how we lead and work together in teams.”

Ian Mackenzie, Treasury Corporation of Victoria

I attended your Brisbane course about a month ago.  I just wanted to let you know your course has been a huge benefit to me in my professional life.  I am now much better equipped to communicate with another person, using the style which best ‘connects’ with that person.  I can recommend your course to any person working in a service industry or in a human resource management role.  Thank you again, Kathy Fairweather (30 June 2012)

“Sometime has passed since you were here in Brisbane and up front I  just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your workshop, it has helped me add more value to the leadership training packags I deliver. The workshop has not only rekindled my passion for my business, but has, without doubt given me additional tools, to improve my business.  From the introduction, the information flowed, and the mind boggled as to the potential a system for better understanding people and/or employees can have. I now constantly stop & use the techniques, whether it be internally or with our external customers. Not a bad to use at home either!I would highly recommend – “Lifting Your Level of Emotional Intelligence Seminars” with Chris Golis.”

Paul Milne – Alibi Training Australia
“I and my colleagues are regarding Empathy Selling as our most valuable gift in 2013.
It’s very helpful to us, thank you and Michael!”

Qin feng – Senior Training Manager at Ricoh China

Venture Capital Seminars

I’m writing a short note to thank you very much for your book Enterprise and Venture Capital. It has been a constant reference to me over the years and helped immeasurably with my career and business ventures.

Kind regards,

Alex Moody, Company Secretary at MGT Resources Limited


Feedback from my VC workshops

Thanks for your presentation on Friday. It was excellent. 10 out of 10!

Everyone enjoyed it and its the best venture capital presentation I have seen (and I’ve been to AVCAL Annual Conference 3 times now).

Reuben Buchanan – Director MBE Education

Your presentation was very refreshing.

Dan Liszka, Managing Director, Alchemy Equities Pty Ltd

Thanks for an informative and entertaining presentation.

Ian Coombe, Managing Director, KNOW1

Thank you for a great segment on Saturday.

Lindsay Karathanassis, Director, Linkara Capital

It was lovely to hear your talk about your experiences as a director in many industries.

Vanessa-Lee Van Der Bilt, Director VIG

Everyone loved your presentation, it was great.

Tony Puls, Founding Director & Chairman, Australian Small Scale Offerings Board Limited

Chris Golis - Author