5000 Business Plans, 50 Deals, 25 Write-offs: Lessons learnt in 25 years of Venture Capital.

Thanks for your presentation on Friday. It was excellent. 10 out of 10!

Everyone enjoyed it and its the best venture capital presentation I have seen (and I’ve been to AVCAL Annual Conference 3 times now).

Reuben Buchanan – Director MBE Education

Your presentation was very refreshing.

Dan Liszka, Managing Director, Alchemy Equities Pty Ltd

Thanks for an informative and entertaining presentation.

Ian Coombe, Managing Director, KNOW1

Thank you for a great segment on Saturday.

Lindsay Karathanassis, Director, Linkara Capital

It was lovely to hear your talk about your experiences as a director in many industries.

Vanessa-Lee Van Der Bilt, Director VIG

Everyone loved your presentation, it was great.

Tony Puls, Founding Director & Chairman, Australian Small Scale Offerings Board Limited


Chris Golis spent 25 years in the venture capital industry both as an entrepreneur and venture capital manager of five funds.  In this one-hour keynote Chris Golis outlines five keys to success in building a winning business:

1.      What’s your SCA?

2.      Lease the pencils

3.      Know the game

4.      What stage entrepreneur are you?

5.      Grab the golden ring


After a session with a trainer you should say, “Wow, I just learned a new skill I must put it into practice.”

After a session with a speaker you should say, “Wow I have never looked at X that way before.”


After hearing this keynote you will never look at business the same way again.


Check the events home page for upcoming events or contact Chris Golis on either his mobile +61-418-222219 or email cgolisau@gmail.com.