EQ training for Salespeople: The Most Useful Sales Technique I Have Ever Used

Chris was a revelation.  He is very passionate and knowledgeable about Empathy Selling but is not one-dimensional gaining lots of interaction from the audience of 45 staff.  More importantly because of his wide business experience he is able to use real life examples on how Empathy Selling works.

Practical Emotional Intelligence course for salespeople: An easy-to-learn model for rapidly increasing your empathy

If you are a successful sales manager or salesperson you know the WHAT comprises the competitive advantages your product or service already has.  You do not need another course to tell you what you already know. Truly successful sales managers and salespeople will have already spent considerable time and money ensuring that they and their colleagues have an excellent understanding of the selling process. Real professionals know the HOW of selling.

All good salespeople know that without satisfying an emotional want there is no sale. If the salesperson fails to gain empathy with the prospect, the probability of sales success is low. Selling means dealing with people and to rely on intuition and chance to develop the WHO is risky and dangerous.  Based on his book Empathy Selling: The New Sales Technique for the 21st Century  EQ in Selling: The Most Useful Sales Technique I Have Ever Used is the scientific, easy-to-learn way for you to develop empathy with prospects and clients.

Since 1973 Chris has used this technique with stunning success including:

  • Take the only account off IBM in the world for ICL in 1974.
  • As the Divisional General Manager for TNT  his team won all 15 of the major deals available in 18 months when according to market share they should have won just 1!
  • For BT Australia start the first retail equity fund, the BT Split Trust, to achieve $1 billion under management
  • For BT Innovation be the first MIC to raise its alloted capital of $10 million in June 1984
  • Convince Allen & Unwin to publish Enterprise & Venture Capital (now in its 5th edition) in 1989
  • For Nanyang Ventures raise $140 million in venture capital funds for 3 venture capital funds in the late 1990s


Participants who attend this seminar will

  • Learn how to analyse prospects and discover hidden emotional desires
  • Develop practical presentation strategies that are tailored to individual  prospects
  • Learn to anticipate what objections will come from which emotional drives  and the appropriate handling techniques in each case
  • Discover what closing techniques work best with which personality types and why


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Chris Golis - Author